Thinky thoughts

I am going to Japan in one week! Yah! Except all my plans for losing weight have come to nought! The weight loss the other day was like a mirage… oh well, not much I can do now. I’ll prolly have scouts for the sumos approach me in the street but it’s all good.

If you remember the dude I was talking about the other week, well arggghhh! I thought it was well and truly over – I hadn’t heard from him for a couple of weeks. Then I got drunk and texted him. Mostly to see if he’d reply. Nothing happened, just drunken texting.

Then I was going to see him the next weekend but again lots of texts. Finally he rang to said he was on his way over… at 4.30 am!!! I kinda cracked it.

So the next Friday he sent me a text. I was going to ignore it but as I got my phone out of my bag to show my sister, he must have called at the exact same moment and I accidentally answered it!!! I stared at the phone, not sure what to do then talked to him. He wanted me to meet him for a drink and I said no way, buddy.

The next day I decided I did want to see him (yeah I’m fickle and the weather was hot and I was feeling…) anyway, we went out and he was absolutely awesome and sweet and great.

We were supposed to see each other last Friday but then he had family stuff on.

I just sent him a text now so will see if he replies.

I went to see a psychic the other week. She said a lot of interesting stuff. And some stuff about this guy too. You know, it’s easy for other people to say someone doesn’t treat you the way you deserve and to find someone better but where do you find the someone better? It’s not like I’m passing up good, eligible men to stay with him.

Also when people say to value yourself more or to love yourself… how do you do that? You can’t just go “OK” and it magically happens. Life needs more answers, less questions.

Anyway, on the topic of men… I’m going to see these guys when I’m in Japan. It’s been a hell of a bitch fight getting concert tickets and I’m so scared it won’t work out. I heart them so much. It will be the greatest thing ever if it works out.

3 responses to “Thinky thoughts

  1. A week! So excited for you. I have to wait three months.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about that kind of advice. It’s easy to say, treat yourself better and love yourself more, but HOW! It doesn’t just happen overnight!

  3. OMG A WEEK! did you go blonde?

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