Pants truly on fire!

Today I had to help my boss put together some technical questions for a job interview, a kind of mini exam to test out applications. I had to do it when I started and thought it was kind of humiliating. After all, they could see my skills from my resume.

Well, I got an eye opener. Looking at some of the results (not from these applications but past ones). This may should really naive, but people LIE on their resumes! I’m not talking about exaggeration or talking yourself up, I’m talking flat out lying.

The questions weren’t difficult, they weren’t easy but for people with the experience and knowledge they claim to have, mostly answerable.

There were a couple of questions I didn’t know on the test I didand, when I finished, I said I didn’t know the answer, that I’d not encountered the situation before but this is how I’d find out the answer…

I didn’t make something up and think no one would notice!

I don’t think I could blatantly lie. I couldn’t say I had experience when I had no idea about something. I might claim to have more experience than I have — if I have some experience and know I can get by (eg. I say I’ve got a lot of Visio experience. I don’t but it’s piss easy, just everyone seems to think it’s hard but I’d never claim to have say Unix programming experience cos I know jack shit about it). I’m too scared I’d get caught and too scared I’d look like a dick.

Now I’m worried that I’m hurting myself by being too honest. Like when you go to the doctor and they ask you how much you drink or smoke and you are expected to halve the truth cos you know the doctor thinks you are lying and will automatically double it anyway! So you quarter it ๐Ÿ™‚ Is that how it is in interviews — they think I’m lying on my resume and halve my experience?

So, do you lie on your resume? Ever caught anyone out in a big porky? It’s weird seeing the other side.

8 responses to “Pants truly on fire!

  1. I prefer to call it embellishing!

  2. OMG I couldn’t do that either – I’d be too scared I’d be found out, and also I don’t like to tell outright porkies. Exaggerating….. sometimes!

  3. No, I’ve never lied or exaggerated, but I once gave my resume to an employment agency. They re-wrote it to sound like I invented everything I’d ever worked on; I was embarrassed to put my name to that piece of fiction.

  4. I’ve only done it once but I suck at lying and I knew they could see through it. And yes, I was embarrassed and felt like a dickhead.

  5. I’ve only done it once but I suck at lying and I knew they could see through it. And yes, I was embarrassed and felt like a dickhead.

    Stick with the truth, it’s less stressful that way.

  6. Yeah, speaking from years of interviewing candidates you can usually tell when they are not telling the truth. If the technical area is one that is important to the job, and you say you have it as a skill, you should always expect some questions on the topic (if the interviewer is doing his/her job).

    Best to keep to the truth – talk yourself up a bit sure, but no blatant lies.

  7. No, I am stupidly, painfully and ridiculously honest, I suck at bullshitting and bluffing, even my mother who raised me to be this honest thinks I am too honest ๐Ÿ™„

  8. I’m a bad liar and rather get something on true merit. I’m on the other side too now and can’t stand the standard “professional” dribble that doesn’t actually say anything – I go for the quirky resumes to interview. I want someone with personality to work with but of course they have to get the tick boxes crossed off to get the job in the first place. I know, hard to tell from a resume. But you can sure tell when someone’s copied an American “free” template off the web LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

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