At Last

After months of hovering around the same 2 kg block of numbers on the scale (those numbers would be 91-93 to be brutally honest), today I’ve broken out! Woohoo… and not in a bad “WTF… I can’t weight that much… oh I must be getting my period…” kind of way either. Nope, I’m down to 90.7.

I’m on hols in a week and a half and I’m determined to be under 90 kgs by then.

So, I stopped with the Lite n’ Easy. I wasn’t losing weight on it. I don’t think it was the program as such but just that I kept having extras (esp booze).

I found it a bit strange – the absolute killer was the day I got a tiny Asian salad for lunch (like a few mouthfuls) then had a 150 calorie dessert with it. That makes no sense – why not a huge salad and no dessert? You could have a bucket of salad for 150 calories!

But the good thing is that it’s gotten me back in the habit of eating at home rather than getting something from the cafe or the fish n’chip shop.

Also, I’m exercising like a demon! Well a lazyish demon… I’m not pushing it too hard but trying to keep up with the schedule. I think I overdid the hills this week though… after a killer session (involving mostly the cross trainer at the gym since I forgot my running bra!), I couldn’t even run 3 days later. Poor legs. I did manage a decent hour last night though.

Most importantly, no booze. I am thinking what is the point of all this effort – the running and the workouts – to come home and drink more calories than I’m burning off! I doesn’t hurt to lay off the demon drink for a while — and that is definitely working on the scales.


4 responses to “At Last

  1. the booze is a killer, i remember that beer week i took part in, i looked like i was with child at the end. i’ve got better now, and i can have half a glass of wine now and then and that’s fine, but its taken a long time. and then i still overcompensate on other things, like err the three mint lindt balls i just ate…

  2. Well done on the weight, always very satisfying when it starts to move in the right direction. Keep it going!

  3. Good plan staying off the booze (note to self: BE LIKE KATHRYN) – and yay for breakthroughs!

  4. Fantastic work Kathryn!! It’s so great to start seeing results, and that you’re working out what works best for you. Keep it up!! x

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