I thought I should get off my butt and maybe update.   Since I’m now registered in the Mountain to Surf, I thought I should have a running plan.  Luckily they have one on their web site.  I jiggered it around a bit.  I’m not into this whole doing your long run on a Sunday business.  I like to do it Friday after work, get it over with then feel validated in overeating all weekend… or something like that! 

So, this is it:
mon – 40-50 min easy
tues – boxing
wed – 30-40 min steady include hills
thurs – pt
fri – longer run more than one hour
sat – Rest
sun – 25-40 min tempo (strong but relaxed

I just wish it would be cool enough for me to go out and run!


3 responses to “Plans

  1. Sounds like a plan! Running at 4am is also a plan- because that is the only time of day it isnt 35 degrees, but it isnt a good plan.

  2. Sounds like a plan! I don’t like Morsey’s plan AT ALL

  3. So bizarre, I was just thinking that I was missing your posts last night! Go the plan hon, it’ll help keep you motivated and I’m so with morseyruns with running at 4am! I get up at 5am but now I’m finding it too warm then too. You’re not a morning person are you Kathryn LOL 😉

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