This Week

I’m on my second week of Lite N Easy.  I haven’t really been able to judge the result cos the day I started, the scales were being stupidheads and having one of those bleepy days that drive you nuts.  That means technically I’ve lost 3 kgs but I don’t think it’s that much in reality!

I’d have had a much better result if I’d not been drinking so much.  I rarely go out drinking but I’ve been out last Friday, Saturday and Sunday then this week on Thursday and Friday.  Not good for weight loss but  figure it’s not happening all the time (the rest of the weekend is going to be alcohol free) so I may as well make the most of social time. 

I am starting to break some bad habits – before I was getting something from the charity chocolate box every arvo as well as an after dinner treat plus having a turkish bread toastie for lunch, and often buying dinner.  At the moment, I’m mainly sticking to the plan. 

Some days I am still hungry so I have something else to eat – like a sushi roll with lunch or maybe something extra at night.  I was starving on Wednesday, maybe because I have personal training tuesday night so figured I needed something more.  It’s no big deal.  the potion sizes are small but I’m finding that even if my eyes say they are too small, my belly is satisified.

After this week, I’m changing from the 1200 calorie plan to the 1500 plan.  I’ve been taking it easy at the gym, easing into it after being sick, so not exercising as much as usual so I ‘don’t to eat as much but from next week, I want to get back into some serious training.  I figure if I don’t need to eat all the food if I don’t need it but it’s good to have there instead of having to look for something healthy when I need more.

The personal training is killing me… lol.  I can definitely feel the results, esp in my arms.

As for the guy thing, I had to laugh at the comment

It looks to me like “he’s just not that into you”.

Why invite you out at the last minute then turn up with a mate???

Until I read that, it never occured to me I did almost the same thing — the first time we went 0ut (not including the night we met) he’d called to see if I wanted to go for a drink some time.  I’d been sick so wasn’t going out that weekend but ended up at a bar near home with my sister and some friends on the Sunday night (there was a festival on in our street).  I sent him a text to see if he wanted to join us and he turned up about 30 minutes later.  He sweemed a bit shy at first but was absolutely charming to my friends (including the 10 or so random ones that turned up during the night).

I can’t knock him for doing something I’d already done myself.

Anyway, last weekend he said he’d call me late in the week and he called Thursday night.  We went out for drinks.  Since I live above the cafe and all the cafe staff go to the local bar, I suggested going somewhere else so we could be alone.  It was good to just sit and talk.

When he didn’t call me for 2 weeks it nearly drove me mad but I think a lot of that was my own issues.  I don’t know about other people but sometimes I get caught up in this whole thing where it’s not just ONE guy not calling but he’s like a representative of the whole male sex and if he doesn’t find me attractive then no guy does! 

I feel much calmer about things now.

I think he has a lot going on in his life and I’m not top priority.  But then I have a lot going on my life and I know he’s not the love of my life or anything like it.  Still I like hanging out with him and we have fun together.  He’s a really good person.


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  1. I have a theory that you haven’t given this guy your blog address.

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