Love love talk!

The crush:  after seeing the Sunday before last, no contact .  Then last night, around 11 oçlock, got a text to see what I was doing.  Basically he was out with his friends and said me he might call later.  Wasn’t sure how to respond to that so said — make it in the next hour or I’m going to bed.  An hour later, I texted him to see what’s up and he replied saying he’s still out with the guys!!!!  WTF!!!!

I sent him another text today to say I was confused by his messages and I wanted to meet for coffee.  He replied saying he had a bday party on tonight and he’d call me after that.  I told him to make it tomorrow so he says he’s going on a day trip so he’d play it by ear.

I have no idea what’s going on.  There is no way in hell I’m being a late night booty call or whatever.  I’m just leaving it up to him now but it’s kinda hard to have any kind of conversation when it’s all by text.  I’d like to meet face to face (alcohol-free) and say to him – this is what I want, take it or leave it.  Of course, that’s assuming I’ll get the chance to see him other than when he’s out drinking.  

My instincts are saying he’s a nice guy and not just after sex but his behaviour seems to indicate otherwise.

Other stuff:  I started Lite n’Easy on Thursday night.  It’s very hard adjusting to the smaller portion sizes.  I’m not hungry but am suffering mentally!  I’m like a food junkie, writhing around needing my next fix.  It’s really making me realise how much a part food plays in my life.  Not even the eating (although that’s always tops) but more the whole process and ritual — spending the morning at work thinking about what I’m going to buy for lunch, the afternoon thinking about dinner.  All that thinky-ness has been removed. 

I’ve not being doing much exercise.  I had 2 sessions with the PT this week.  Planned to go to the gym on Wednesday, well I went and got almost changed then realised I’d packed odd shoes!!!!  Oops.  Was also going to go to gym last night but was in a shit awful mood and not wanting to be around ppl so walked home from work (around 5km) instead.  Then planned to go today but slept instead – I’ll either go to the gym tomorrow or out for a run (prolly a run cos catching public transport on a sunday is arse).


3 responses to “Love love talk!

  1. that’s exactly what my friend said about L&E – she just got to be able to stop thinking about food all the time.
    Good luck with crush *frowns* I hope he is worthy of your attention

  2. I find it odd sometime when i’ve made meals ahead for the week, and all I do is heat and serve, then I find more time on my hands. It’s strange, but brilliant when I’ve just got home from the gym and I just want fuel!

  3. I reckon you need to tell him that you are too busy next time he tries to set up a date . Do you have the fortitude to play mind games back at him?

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