I’m feeling a bit glum today and not really looking forward to the week ahead.  I think I need to plan  a few fun things to keep my spirits up.  I have 2 pt sessions this week so that’s a start.  I get to hit stuff and that makes me happy.

More about the ‘crush’:  still haven’t heard from him, not sure if I will.  It’s weird because he met a few of my friends last week and they keep asking if he’s called etc.  Everyone who met him is surprised because they all think he seemed to really adore me (I also got that impression).  Men are weird!

Anyway, my question is this – if he calls now, should I go out with him?  I’m kinda pissy about the whole thing but maybe, to him, it’s no big deal. 

To me, if a guy is interested, he’d call or text or something.  Maybe he doesn’t see it that way. 

I’m also thinking that, as you get older, you have to ask yourself why someone is single.  At 25 it isn’t an issue but at 40 it is (even though I’m still single myself – lolz).   There has to be something going on there, some kind of commitment issues or whatever.

Then again, if you met a guy who’s divorced etc then most of the time they have a whole heap of baggage about that. 

It’s been really hard too because even if he contacts me, what can I offer?  I’m moving overseas next year and I don’t plan to change that.  I was actually planning a flow chart of possible relationship outcomes in my head the other day (and had to stop myself from actually making a chart in Visio!) – and none of those outcomes were good!


3 responses to “Down

  1. hey gorgeous girl! Just letting you know that I have moved and you can follow me from here.

    About the crush – sometimes people just come into our life for a couple of months – go out with him if he rings!!!

  2. I reckon go out with him. My brother got married (for the first time) at 38. Just have fun for a while! and have fun hitting things too!

  3. A relationship chart? That’s one thing I’ve never seen Visio used for!

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