After my last post, still haven’t heard from the new “crush”.  I sent him a text yesterday and still nothing.  I swear I will never understand men.  They run hot and cold. 

Been having a shit awful week, with pay issues – ie I’ve been working 3 weeks and not been paid.  Lots of people passing the responsibility around and still no $$$.  It’s all very stressful.  I seem to have been copping it lately.  This is the third time, from three different agencies!

On top of all that, I’ve been avoiding the gym, mostly trying to shake off the last of this cold before doing too much.  Was supposed to have a PT session this week but she had to cancel it so I went in and hit the treadmill then hit (literally) the punching bag.  That helped.

Hopefully next week will be much better.


2 responses to “Hmmm

  1. Step away from the phone now Kathryn!

    On the bright side: your cold is disappearing, when you do get paid you’ll feel rich having 3 weeks pay arrive at once and the treadmill doesn’t hit back.

    I hope next week will be better for you too. Hugs.

  2. Go to the computer, turn it on, logon on the business online account and FREAKING PAY ME!

    There is no excuse for it, lazy buggers.

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