I’ve been thinking about doing Lite N’ Easy.  I’m not one for diet plans or prepackaged meals but at the moment, I just want the convenience.  I don’t want to think about cooking or food or any of that kind of shit.

To tell the truth, since sharing cooking with my sister (we didn’t at our old house), it’s become a bit of an issue – an issue where I end up cooking any meals that are cooked, and often paying for the ingredients as well. 

I get so resentful that I’m like – screw it, I’ll just eat at the cafe! 

On top of that, it’s a PITA to get to the supermarket and I have so much else on that I can’t be bothered.

I figure having the meals there ready to go will be much simplier than trying to motivate myself to do stuff (ie cooking and shopping) that I am really not interested in at the moment.  That way, I can put my energy into fun stuff like gym!

Now, I really want to update the love/crush stuff but I’m a bit scared.  I’m totally over the old crush but someone new kind of just swooped into my life.  I thought I wasn’t interested at first but am realising that I really am.  And now I’m scared that it’s all going to come crushing down in a big, messy heap.  I mean — he hasn’t contacted me in a WHOLE DAY!   Scary, scary stuff!


5 responses to “Decisions…

  1. Go for it, what have you got to lose!

    (I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether I’m talking about Lite N’Easy or the crush – or both!)

  2. lite and easy tastes a bit like crap mixed with cardboard and carrots.
    but give it a go anyway.

  3. Do what you need to do.

    Whatever works, I say.

    Except diet drinks, they’re poisonous crap.

    I’m back onto juicing, water, and liver cleansing foods. It’s yummo, but I have heaps of time on my hands.

  4. A guy I used to work with went on Lite n Easy and lost heaps of weight. Every day he would give me his teeny muffin that tasted like cardboard and his green apple. He really should have eaten the apple.

  5. a friend of mine used that system for a while and found it really helpful.
    Ooooh a new crush! Keep us posted!

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