Real Life

I’m sure by now everyone has read about the whole “real life” model, Lizzie Miller story.  I love it!  Finally a real real woman!

I can handle reading mags with airbrushed models who look nothing like any woman I’ve ever seen before.  That’s fashion, that’s the media.  I don’t look like their models, I don’t buy their overpriced look of the season.  Couldn’t care less about the whole circus.  It’s outside my realm of existence.  They are props for the clothes, nothing else.

What really gives me the shits is when fashion magazines start featuring (and big noting themselves in the process) for having real life models – bully for us, we have a size 14 *gasp* model on our pages

The thing is, the size 14 model — the woman I’m supposed to identify with — has a body nothing like mine.  She’s just a larger proportioned version of the regular model.  She doesn’t have droppy arm fat, she doesn’t have squashy bits that gloop out in the wrong places.  If she has a belly, it’s a taut, rounded one not saggy.  Overall, it’s attractive fat.

That makes me feel worse about my body than any stick thin model would.  It’s like I even fail at being fat!  God help me. 

Don’t tell me this is who I am when I know damn well that age and gravity and childbirth and life have made a lie of that.  If you are going to feature real women, make them real.  I don’t want to see digitally enhanced, socially acceptable fat, not the 0.001% of women over a size 10 who feel okay about showing their upper arms in public!


2 responses to “Real Life

  1. I am with you. I hate the Ezibuy catalogues, they have a plus size range called Sara and the two main models they use of course look bigger but they are toned as hell. They are tanned as hell and we all know that they are size 16 maximum.

  2. It shits me that they are called “plus size” when they are clearly not, thus telling size 14 women that they are “fat”.

    We are the size we are, it’s not plus or minus it just is.

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