Sick again (still).   I just called work and they are a bit cranky – which is kind of understandable since I only started last week and had 3 days off already.  But what can I do?  My throat is insanely sore.  Anyway they said they were going to ring my agency and talk to them about it… hell knows what that means. 

On top of all that, I can’t afford to go to the doctor.  Because I was away last week, I didn’t get my timesheet in.  Well actually no one has shown me how to submit my timesheet!  I still don’t know.  When I rang this morning, they said it had to be in by 10.00 for me to get paid for this week????  I don’t get that.  It was 10.15 when I rang, but how can I put my timesheet in for the week when the week isn’t over? 

That means I’ve not been paid this week, and I won’t be paid next week.  That is really bad and wrong but I’m too sick to deal with it right now.


4 responses to “Blerk

  1. You poor darling. That is a shite position to be in, could you not email the timesheet in??? FFS!!

  2. Blerk (this blog title) seems less serious than Blerky Blerk Blerk (previous blog title) so hopefully that means you’re improving?

    Agree with Jules, surely they could accept email?

  3. that’s no good 😦
    get better soon darl

  4. That sucks. Hope you get better soon.

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