I’m sick.  Two days into my new job and I had to take today off.  I actually went in but felt so crap on the tram that I came straight home!

I hope I’m better by the weekend, I have birthday drinks to do.  Also I am getting my hair done tomorrow.  It doesn’t look to be off work sick then go in with a new hair do.

The crush is totally over now.  After deciding he was a tool the other day, I was wavering again… until I saw him pash his gf on the street!  Oh well.


3 responses to “Sick

  1. he he he, I can just imagine what people think when you arrive at work after sickness absenteeism (made up word I’m sure) and have the swanky new doo!!

    My sister is a teacher and they get paid on a 7 days status and if she is sick on a Friday she doesn’t get paid for the Saturday or Sunday either as the Ministry of Education presume that you wouldn’t have been doing any of your at home work either. Such crap.

  2. Booo to stinky old germs and also stupid crush boy. Get well soon

  3. Oh noes
    Oh noes and
    Oh noes!

    That totes sucks.

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