Bitch, bitch, bitch

My pay isn’t in my bank!  It should be there but NOPE.  I faxed my timesheet to the agency at lunch time on Friday when I left my job.  Normally when I finish a contract, I take a copy of my signed timesheet with me but this time I didn’t!  If the agency don’t have my timesheet then it’s going to be a total mess.  I need my cash now.

I was supposed to have my first PT session this morning but had to cancel it.  I’m so disappointed.

Plus I have zero cash.  I have like 60 cents to my name.  I can’t even buy a coffee.  And we have no food in the house.  My sister is going to loan me some money but her money isn’t in the bank yet.  She’s given me her keycard and pin so I can get $$$ out after 8.00 but that means sitting around doing nothing until then (she’s gone to bed cos she just got home).  Arrrggh I’ve been up since 6.00 and I’m bored.

At least I can still go to the gym after work, but if I’m going to be up this early, I wish I could do something constructive.


4 responses to “Bitch, bitch, bitch

  1. oh well, better to find out he’s a tool before you married him! Hope the $$$ situation sorts itself out, that sucks

  2. When I’m bored and have no money I go to the library, or to a bookstore and find a quiet corner to read 😛 ha ha.

    Hope your money situation works out darl, it stinks being skint.

  3. I hope they work out your pay, its a flippin pain! I know!

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