I’m a bit worried about my new job.  Since I got the offer, they’ve changed the details a few times.  I’m sure they are just trying it on to see how low they can get me to go.  I really want the job and it’s paying more than I’m getting at the moment but this really sucks.  I’ve said the last offer is the lowest I’m go.  

Also, the agency hasn’t sent through my contract yet.  I am not saying anything at my current job until I have something in writing so it’s majorly painful.    And when I went to the agency for an interview on Monday, the dude wasn’t there.   They asked if I could come back at lunch time Tuesday — he was v apologetic about it later and said it was a miscommunication… hmmm.

I have a theory that if a job is a PITA to start with, it never gets any better.  Always happened with me.  Still I need to earn more money.  I have to save.  I’ve save zero dollars this month.  Well like $30.

To answer Louise, yes I’m still going to Japan.  It looks like it will be Jan-Mar next year now.  That’s part of the reason I’m putting up with all this malarky.  I want maximum savings before I go. 

I’m hoping it’s just the agency doing all the mucking around and not the actual client (although, come to think of it, they are an organisation famous for mucking people around).  Still it’s $$$.


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