After my post yesterday, I thought I should put my money where my mouth is – or my feet where my mouth is (but not in the normal way I do that…lol).

I got to the gym and headed to the treadie.  Lately I’ve been doing a 30 min walk/run with lots more walking than running.  I set it for 30 mins then changed my mind and went for 60 figuring I could always finish early.

Instead of stopping when I started to feel twinges of pain, I decided to see just how long I could run for.  I wanted to at least get over 5 mins of continuous running since that’s about all I’ve been doing lately. 

I didn’t set the incline.  Normally I have it on about 2% or so but I think that could be contributing the calf pain.

I started off with a walk then at 3 mins upped it to a run.  A slow run.  A 7.5 km/h run.  That’s damn slow; I can walk at 7 km/h.  But I made it to the 5 min mark then kept going.  I got to 8 mins before the calves got too sore to keep going.

Stopped for a 2 min rest then started running again, wanting to get another 8 mins.  Got to 8 and felt fine so aimed for 10.  I kinda missed the 10 mark, fiddling around with the video screen and my ipod (did I mention you can watch video clips off your ipod on the screens on the treadie — lots of J-Pop!), so figured I couldn’t stop at an random number and aimed for 15…

At the 15 min mark my fave song came on, so had to keep going.  I have this weird thing I do sometimes when I’m on the treadmill.  When I get to the point where I can’t go on and want to rest, instead of slowing down I bump up the pace.  It keeps me going for some reason (and I figure I can go back to the original speed and it will *feel* like a rest).   It works for me.

Got to 20 minutes and my other favourite song came on! 

All up, I ran for just over 22 minutes continuously.  That’s the most I’ve done in months.  I was going to try for another 20 min or so run but figured I needed to be able to walk afterwards!  No point going too hard.  I did some shorter walk/run intervals to finish off the 60 minutes though.

Anyway, I’ve learnt a few things from this:

  • I think a lot of the pain in my calves etc is because I need a longer warm up than I used to.  The 8 min run initially really helped.  In future, I might try doing a 10 min warm up then stretching then the real work!
  • Also, even though I feel the pain in my calves, I think the problem is in my hip flexors.  They are really tight so I take short strides and that screws up my calves.  I actually feel better (in the muscles at least) when I push up the pace.  Just need to get my aerobic fitness up to par!
  • Even though people say to put the incline on the treadie to make it more like running outside, I think this is causing me problems.  I might avoid the incline for a while.  If I want it be more like running outside, I’ll run outside.
  • Running is fun!
  • Maybe doing an hour run should be for days when I don’t have Japanese class after the gym.  Run endorphins and verb conjugation don’t mix.

5 responses to “Running

  1. Walking or running uphill is well known for causing calf pain. Stick to the flat. Also try yo stay on even ground, don’t let your runners get too tatty before replacing them, and stretch those calves and hip flexors!

    Try warming up walking for five minutes, then doing some gentle stretches before getting on with the run, as well as stretching afterwards.

  2. YAY for you!! I keep running when my favourite songs come on too – it’s a great boost! 🙂

  3. Well done. I usually stretch my calves before, during (every few kms) and after my runs now. Helps.

  4. 7.5km/hr IS pretty slow – it’s my (ahem) “marathon pace” LOL

  5. Great work! I never put the incline on more than 1% any more and I get shin pain.

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