Run of sorts

I haven’t been running outside for ages — the last time I went, I ended up walking most of the way because my legs hurt so much.  Since then I’ve been doing lots of training at the gym but that’s not exactly running.

Yesterday, in the break between insane winds and storms, I chucked on the runners and headed out.  Still lots of aches and pains and I only managed a slow 5 km with lots of walk breaks but I got out there. 

The goal now is to improve on that and get some fitness back.  Since I had my flu a few weeks ago, I’m finding it hard to exercise.  My heart rate gets crazy high and I feel buggered.  I guess if I’m giving it 100%, that’s the most I can do even if it’s a smaller 100% than it was a couple of months ago.

OMG there is a guy I like who owns a shop in my neighbourhood.  Sometimes when I go in there, he gives me food to try.  The other night I went to buy a few things and he handed me a bag, asking me what I thought.  I thought it looked weird but put some in my mouth.  Yikes, it was some kind of weird herbal tea!  I had to spit it out.  I really know how to make a classy impression.

I am totally the worst person at flirting etc anyway.  I have this horrible fear that if I do anythign like that he’ll think I like him!  Yeah, I have not moved on from like being 12 years old.  Also I’m not sure if he likes me or if he’s just friendly cos I’m a regular in the shop.  Argggghhh!


6 responses to “Run of sorts

  1. Ooooh tricky! He probably does like you – what’s not to like?
    That flu is rotten, but you know what you’re doing when it comes to rebuilding fitness. there’s no hurry

  2. He gives you free stuff then he likes you!

  3. LOL, sounds like you have a crush. Maybe try a little subtle flirting. OK, I realise that is probably easier said than done! Keep us updated!

  4. LMAO, good one!!

    I remember one Christmas Eve I went to the back door to lock it and saw that someone had left me some homemade raspberry jam and a little cellophane wrapped goody bag with two giant pieces of fudgey coconut ice looking delights. I promptly ripped the cover off one and bit into it, anticipating the beautiful sweetness. Alas, it was fancy soap!!

  5. I agree, what’s not to like?! Just be your lovely friendly self and see what happens 🙂

    Well done on getting out there again – when we’ve had a break because of being unwell, etc. the worst thing you can do is be hard on yourself, just try to improve each time and give 100%, regardless of how that 100% compares to the efforts of the past.

    Let us know what happens with the shopkeeper 🙂 xx

  6. Hi there, I absolutely agree that you can only give 100% of what you have on that day. So if your HR is high, then you can only go so hard. Can’t help you on the romance front though! But I reckon if it’s not obviously old stock it MUST be love!

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