Advice Needed!

On Tuesdays I go from work to the gym then to Japanese class.  By the time I finish and get the tram home, it’s 9.30 -10.00. 

Yesterday I brought my lunch to work then decided to have sushi for lunch and eat my packed lunch for dinner — except I didn’t get time to sit down and eat it (it was leftovers so I needed to eat with a knife and fork… not on the run)  so grabbed a muffin at the gym instead!  (I was going to get one of those protein balls but they pack a huge amount of calories for the amount of stomach filling-ness).

So any suggestions for something that’s filling and satisfying that I can eat on the run? 

Preferably not too perishable since it needs to survive being lugged around and an hour or more in the gym locker.   I  can get smoothies/protein shakes at the gym (which would be okay because I can drink in class but eating = not good), but Tuesday is also the day before payday so cheap is best.


5 responses to “Advice Needed!

  1. For a healthy yummy meal on the run, I make wraps! Get some wholemeal or seeded tortilla wraps, spread wtih low fat hummous, top with whatever salad vegetables you want or leftover roast vegies, etc) and then wrap them up REALLY tight and then again with clingfilm so they’ll stay together in the bag, locker, etc. and they won’t take up too much room either. Very portable, very cheap (you’ll get a couple of meals out of 1 pack wraps, 1 tub hummous and 1 pack of salad vegies) and most importantly very yummy!

  2. Thinking simply, what about just fruit and veges (eg banana, apple, carrot/celery sticks etc) ?

  3. My first thought would be to do 15 minutes less at the gym and spend that 15 minutes eating calmly and peacefully instead. Eating on the run is never going to fill you up!

    I would take oats and protein powder (dry) and then add hot water to the oats, stir in the powder and top with some peanut butter. All the food groups at once and goddamn tasty and filling.

    I always have a plastic bag of oats and another of powder in my desk drawer for emergencies. Cheap too (just get the no-brand rolled oats not the freakin’ fancy Uncle Toby’s posh stuff!)

  4. Definitely banana and yoghurt. Dip the peeled uncut banana in the yoghurt and lick/suck it off the banana in front of your whole class.
    Who knows, you may even get laid out of this!

    Totes PMSL!!!!

  5. Do you like tuna? I make a mix with a small tin of tuna (I do prefer packed in olive oil) with some cut up avocado and parsley, white beans and plenty of pepper. I stick it in a small tupperware container and during the cool months don’t bother much about refrigerating. Then all I need to do is buy a grainy roll from the bakery and tip the whole mixture onto the roll. The oil and avo make stop it from being all dry so you don’t need a binder like mayo.

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