Have you ever got dressed in the morning and thought you looked okay, BUT… when you get out in the world, realised you actually look fat and frumpy and wrong?

What can you do?  It’s not like you can get wardrobe distress leave to go home from work and change. 

I dunno why I thought I’d be okay.  I KNOW this skirt makes me look/feel fat.  I KNOW this cardigan also makes me look/feel fat.  Why did I wear them?  That’s the question.

Arrrggghhhh… I didn’t even wear a coat to work today so I can’t cover up.

Also I feel like I’ve put on like 10 kgs overnight — which has nothing to do with the tempura cheesecake I had last night (come on, who could resist tempura cheesecake?).

I am wearing my supercute shoes that I bought last night though.


3 responses to “Frumpy

  1. tempura cheesecake!? wow… that must be gooood.

    fuck yeah i have days/outfits like that. caught a glimpse of myself in a shop window, “who’s that munter?!”

    hooray fer new shoes 🙂

  2. Yup, the last time that happened I chucked the skirt in a charity bin on the way home, obviously by that stage I’d changed into running gear, I wasn’t walking home skirtless! Do you know what is odd, I can be having a total fat cow day but when I get into my running gear my confidence soars again. It’s a bit counter intuitive considering there running gear doesn’t hide much, but there you have it.

  3. Love the new shoes- they look so cute and still quite sensible (very important for old ladies like me!). I always wear a coat- I love winter for that simple reason, my jackets are wonderful even if underneath I am all muffinny top and chunky!

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