Weigh In

I weighed myself today.  I’ve not posted my weight lately because I’ve been pretty embarassed about my monster weight gain over the past couple of months.  A few weeks ago I was up to 92.9 kgs!!!! OMFG!!!!!!  That pretty much scared the bejesus out of me — it’s not far from there to 100… especially at the rate Í was putting on weight.

Anyway, hopped on the scales this morning — I’d already eaten breakfast and I did need a poo but still weighed in at 91.1 kgs.  That’s a 1.8 kg loss.  Woohoo.

I think being sick the past week or so has really helped.  I’ve really cut down on a lot of food and only been eating what my body needs.  For some reason, I haven’t been able to eat much meat at all, my belly goes “whoa, don’t want to work that hard!”  and I’ve not been eating too much crap (a little bit but not too much).

Now I’m starting to feel better, I’ve got the urge to hit the gym big time but I did that the other day and ended up feeling sick again so think I need to ease into it! 

OMG… I went to boxing class last night and the instructor kept coming over and asking if I was okay.. over and over again.  It was making me so paranoid, I started thinking I wasn’t okay just because she kept asking — like maybe I looked really NOT okay! 

I should have asked why she kept asking me cos it was really bugging me.  Maybe it was because I had a sore shoulder in class the week before or maybe it was because I was paired up with a guy (although I’m pretty sure I was punching harder than him — he was faster but I was harder). 

Anyway I think she should have been more focused on some of the girls in the class.  A couple of them left without even breaking a sweat.  It’s a punch class, not girlie slap fight.


3 responses to “Weigh In

  1. Well done with the loss K, unreal! Sorry you were sick though but great to see that you’re eating only what your body needs now. You are sounding so much more positive and I would have asked the instructor about why she was hassling you – maybe next class. I would love to spar with you but I reckon you’d punch the sh*t out of me, ha!

  2. Maybe you should pair up with one of those girls and give them a workout!

  3. I am glad you are losing weight because I seem to mimic your weight loss cycles- and I was thinking it was time for my scales to start showing a loss. Keep it up (and I will try to tag along for the ride).

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