Hoop La!


I got my hoop yesterday.  It’s hoop-a-rific!  I’m so crap at the moment — I can only do like 3 spinny things before it falls to the ground, but I got up to 7 today when I was practicing!  Half the problem is that if I get to 4-5, I’m so shocked that I stop moving.  My first goal is to get to 10 then more and more.  Then maybe learn some fancy stuff.

How’s this for weird… when I was on my way to get my hoop, well waiting at the tram stop, I saw a guy ride down my street on a unicycle.  And if that’s not weird enough, he was wearing council worker clothes.  My street is turning into a veritable circus!

On the not so pleasant side, I’m still having issues with my sister.  After the problems Saturday night, she went out on Tuesday night until 4 am then came home thumping all through the house with one of her co-workers.  About an hour later, they went thumping through the house again when he left.  WTF?  Not to mention that I’ve been sick and really wanted to get a good night’s sleep so I could go to work on Wednesday.  It’s just bullshit and I have no idea what to do.  When I say stuff to her, she says she’s being as quiet as she can (cos you’re such a good judge of that when you’re shitfaced).

If I could afford it and had somewhere to go, I’d move out.  It’s just total bullshit.

6 responses to “Hoop La!

  1. When I was a kid I could do all sorts of stuff with like 20 hoops at a time. Imagine my surprise, when not so long ago, I couldn’t even keep one going for more than 2 spins. I thought it would be just like riding a bike.

  2. Booooo to sister!
    There’s an article about hooping on the Age online today – it made me think of you and your circus street!

  3. I am so jealous of your hoop- I have one that I make the dog jump through when she needs to be taught that dignity is not an option sometimes. At least you can usually shout at your sister unlike normal flatmates who get all pouty when you tell them off.

  4. Bad housemates are bad enough, but when it’s family it is even more difficult. Hope it improves.

  5. Sometimes I see a guy in the city on a unicycle in a way out crazy get up, he cycles down Collins St or up Swanston honking a horn, its hilarious.

    You’ve made me nostalgic for Big M hoola hoops now, the ones that smelt like chocolate or strawberry 🙂

  6. My brother-in-law just bought a unicycle! YAY for the hoop and pretty and shiny and lots of fun. I love those colours. My new hoop are those colours too. Wonder Woman!

    Crap about the living situation and I would move out but you gotta be realistic. I hope it gets better.

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