Last night my sister was working in the cafe downstairs.   After work, the staff stuck around for knock off drinks.  I think the owners had gone home leaving my sister to lock up. 

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned but the back door and outside sensor light for the cafe are right outside my bedroom window.  So there was lots of yelling, lots of back door slamming, lots of light going on and off.

At 4 am I went downstairs and told them to STFU!!!! 

I am so over this.  It happens all the time.  I’ve had no sleep, I feel like shit.  I wanted to have a shower this morning before the cafe opened (so the shower is actually warm and working) but didn’t wake in time.  On top of all that, my sister is working today so will be whinging for the next few days about being so fatigued…


3 responses to “Arrggghhhh!

  1. That would drive me insane, and having to get up for the hot water. Although we just ran out today, as the dishwasher, washing, and long Sunday showers have been draining us all day. My lukewarm bath was not that welcome!

  2. Move to the country!! I love it, no neighbours and no fucken noise, except for the wayward rooster, but that’s easily fixed with a Sunday roast, pity you can’t do that with your sister **winks**

  3. was it better at the murder house?

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