• I’ve been going to the gym semi-regularly lately.  Been trying to run but still having a lot of pain, it seems to be getting a bit better though.  I’ve booked in for a massage this weekend.  I think once I get the tightness in my lower back sorted out, I will be better off.
  • Also I’ve had a cold since before I went to Japan.  That’s well over 2 months now.  Is that normal?  It doesn’t seem so to me.  I want to shake it off completely. 
  • Eating still isn’t so good.  I was reading about this alternating days diet on the weekend, where you eat low calories on alternative days and normal on the others.  I don’t think it’s anything new, weight watchers did something like that for while, yeah?  Anyway I thought I’d give it a go but on the low calorie day you’re supposed to have around 500 calories.  Can anyone exist on that without killing people?  Still I like the idea – instead of having say 1500 calories every day, having 1000 one day and 2000 the next.  It allows for some flexiblity with a social life, training etc.
  • I got my tax return today.  It’s pretty damn good too.  Normally I’d be rushing out on a shopping spree but this year I’m keeping it safely (I hope) in the bank ready for when I move to Japan.  That’s if I ever move.  It’s taking so long sometimes I think I just dreamt the whole thing.  On the plus side, the company I’ve got the job with is recruiting for next year so things must be looking positive for them.
  • I’ve been feeling like shit lately.  I’ve put on about 5 kgs since I got back from Japan!!!!  That’s insane.  It’s funny how sometimes you can put on weight and it isn’t that big a deal but sometimes a few kilos can make a huge difference in things like how your clothes fit and how heffa-lumpy you feel.  Even with the gym and eating better, the scales aren’t moving!  They will though.

6 responses to “Things

  1. I am right with the old up and down calorie days. I tend to have around 2000 a day at the weekend and then try and keep it down to 1200 during the week. It usually ends up being some random week night though that I end up having a higher day and then have to go low at the weekend.

    So far it seems to be working.

    Had to laugh when I read heffa-lumpy. My dad used to call me that when I was wee – and still even now sometimes! In a purely affectionate way, I might add!

    Keep up the positive thinking.

  2. We’ve been passing colds around in our family for a couple of months now too!

  3. you’ll prolly stay the same weight for a while and then have a huge drop.
    I haven’t been weighing myself since I’ve been living at Dad’s so I have no idea what I weigh.
    I could be in for a tremendous shock when I move back into my house

  4. You’ve got your eyes on the prize now – those scales will Bend To Your Will soon.

  5. wow hun – just caught up on everything. Your new gym sounds awesome! I would love that kind of thing where I am.

    Not long till you leave now though.

    Good luck.

  6. Hey hon, I’ve also been into the whole 80/20 thing – eat well for most of the time (during the week) and have some treats on the weekend. I just did a detox for 5 days and lost 2kgs. I cut out adding sugar to anything, dairy (used soy for everything instead), way less processed foods and just ate less. It’s amazing how much food you really don’t need in day. Snacks are the big thing – no cakes, chocolate etc if you want to lose weight. No surprise there. If you want to lose weight, you gotta cut out ALL the crap. It doesn’t mean you can’t still have them once in a while. I found that I started having those treats everyday and pretended it was okay. The scales showed it though. Now I’ve got 5kgs I need to still kick too. You’ve done this before gorgeous. You can do it again!

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