Brand spanking new gym!

My new gym opened today – yah!  I’d booked in to do a pilates class t0night but, since I had the day off, cancelled that and decided to pop in during the afternoon when things were quiet (and I could avoid the peak hour tram).

OMG, love it.  I did a cardio session.  First on the treadie where I plugged in my ipod and watched my own music videos on the screen while working out.  Awesome. 

Then I did a session on the mountain bikes.  They are the best – they have screens and you select a course.  More like something you’d see at Timezone than the gym, except I worked up a sweat (which I normally find hard to do on bikes at the gym).  Full marks for awesome.  You can even race against other people.

Then on to the leg whirly machine.  That obviously isn’t the right name for it but it’s like an ellipical trainer that goes out sideways.  I did 5 mins of that.  It’s weird and I couldn’t really get a good rhythm to work up any speed so felt like it wasn’t doing much.  Then onto the elliptical for 10 mins of solid work.

After that, I used the special stretching machines.  Loved those.  I’m so inflexible and these machines help you stretch plus you set a timer so you can’t cheat!  Come on, everyone totally underestimates how long they hold a stretch for.  Plus they tell you the degrees of stretch so you can see if you are improving.  I need that shit.  I love to actually have something tangible to aim for rather than just ‘oh yeah that stretch felt a bit better than last time.’

I finished up with a coffee and slice of banana bread from the cafe (it was 4.00 and I’d not had lunch, just a banana before the gym).

OMG, I forgot the most important piece of equipment – the GHD hair straightners in the change rooms 😀

Anyway, after my first visit I’m impressed.  Lots of staff on the gym floor who were fantastic.  They seem to hit the right mix of knowing when to come up and ask if I needed help with the equipment (I did with the ipod docking!) and knowing when to back off and let you get on with it. 

Being there mid-arvo prolly helped because the place was fairly empty but it beats the butt off some other major gyms I could mention who say they have floor staff to help you but they must be magically invisible or something.

The only a bit off about the place is that they have screens with their catchy little slogans – “you’re looking good…” stuff like that — but they have the news headlines scrolling along the bottom.  It seemed really inappropriate to me when there are news stories about people being raped and murdered!

So, my rating: ***** I love it! 

As for my fitness, meh!  What fitness?  I’m like I’m back to square 1.  I could barely run without my legs cracking the shits and couldn’t get anyway near the kind of work I used to be able to do a few months ago at the gym. 

Time to level up.  I don’t want to just regain my previous fitness, I want to totally surpass it.  I’ve put on around 5 kgs since I got back from hols but that’s out of here and taking it’s friend with it.

Meanwhile, while I was at the gym, my sister built a kotatsu.


7 responses to “Brand spanking new gym!

  1. Those mountain bikes sound awesome. I too am a stationary (or is it stationery?) bike hater, but those sound terrific!

  2. OMG is that the virgin gym???

  3. JELLUS! Sounds freakin’ brilliant 🙂

  4. I’m completely jealous. I go to the most modern gym in Wellington and yours beats it HANDS DOWN! I want those stretch machines.

  5. That sounds SO COOL! Brand spanking scarily fit Kathyrn here you come!

  6. YAY, it rules doesn’t it, totally!!! Good to see you yesterday! I availed myself of both hairdryer and GHD after my swim this afternoon, brilliant idea!

    And those stretch things rock and the treddies are amazing, I have to go down load some Vids now, oh my god, I am so excited 🙂

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