I went for a “run” on Sunday.  Well it was meant to be a run.  I walked down to the park with my sister and planned to run some intervals once I got there.  Only trouble was just walking to the park, my legs were in agony.  I wasn’t like injured pain and it wasn’t like “omg I haven’t used these muscles in forever” pain either.  It was weird, like if I was a car I’d have said my shockies were gone!

Once I got to the park, I did loads of stretching then managed to run some intervals with more stretching in between.  I walked home okay.

Today I walked to work.  Still had some pain but not nearly as bad. 

Since it’s in both legs, I’m thinking it’s something lower back or hip related.   I thought about going to the doctor but then I’d have to sit in a waiting room full of diseased people for like an hour and pay $$$ and they are just going to tell me to rest it.  Screw that.  Plus my physio seems to have gotten into a mad spiral of slackness and incompetency lately. 

I figure if it’s still bad in a week’s time, I’ll go see my massage therapist.  I trust her.


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