Good things!

In the interest of being positive, these are some good things about my week:

  • I bought some shelves so I can get my stuff organised.  I’ve have things sitting around in baskets etc with nowhere to put them (except under the bed) and I’ve not wanted to spend money on furniture when I’m not going to be here that long but tonight I went to Bunnings and got some cheapo galvanised iron shelves.  Not flash but only $22.
  • I also got a rug for the lounge room.  We have floor boards — not polished boards but just boards.  It’s yuck.  the rug was only $50 and makes the room look better.
  • I actually managed to do some workouts this week and to eat better. 
  • I am starting to get some money saved.  I need to have $5000 saved before I move but I’d like to have much more than that.  Once I get my tax return (where are my damn group certs?) I’ll be well on the way.
  • I got a call about another job this week.  Loads more money too.  They sent through my resume and I’ve heard nothing back but it’s good to know there are jobs out there that pay well.  My current job doesn’t and I have a phantom boss who I rarely see.  It’s weird. Occasionally he sees me around the office and looks at me like he’s forgotten I work there.  But he signs my timesheet so I guess that is the main thing.
  • I ordered my hula hoop today.
  • Only 4 days until my new gym opens.  I’ve already been online and booked myself into loads of classes – pilates reformer, power plate etc.  All exciting stuff.
  • I’ve been making awesome scones.  Maybe not the healthiest thing in the world although with scones I find I can stop when I’ve had enough whereas a lot of “diet” foods leave me unsatisfied and wanting to eat more and more.
  • I’ve also been in love with hot chocolate.  Yum.  With marshmellows.   But I didn’t eat any charity chocolates at work and kept my work snacks to good ones all week.
  • I had dinner with my boy the other night.  I’ve not seen him for a few weeks.  It’s good to see him.

‘That’s about it.  My plans to take my lunch to work this week were a complete fail!  Mainly because I was totally unprepared.  Also I found good sushi near work.  If I can have a couple of good sushi rolls (or inari… I love inari) then I’m happy.

Finally, a question – why is it whenever I go to a coffee shop and order say “a skinny latte with one sugar” they ask “do you want sugar in that?”  It happens every time (well except when I order coffee at my cafe cos they know what I want).  Do people making coffee have deafness or something?  It’s weird.


2 responses to “Good things!

  1. That sounds like a good week! Yay!
    I think coffee people are actually deaf – I always say ‘no sugar’ and then they ask me again…hmm

  2. You are going to love the new gym, brilliant lay out and lots of fun things to play with 🙂

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