I did the opposite of overeating today.  Just a banana for brekkie — not hungry.  Had a sandwich for lunch then was planning to get a museli bar for arvo tea but forgot.  Went to the gym after work (my shiny new gym doesn’t open for a week so I got a free 7 day trial for another gym – am I a bad person?) then straight to Japanese class with no time for food.

After class, I wasn’t even hungry, just feeling washed out and blerk.  My Japanese teacher said I’m not to come to class without eating again cos I can’t concentrate!  Grabbed a sandwich from the shop and then just had a hot chocolate.

I’m sure normal programming will resume again tomorrow!


4 responses to “Tired

  1. A banana and a sandwich??? Holy crap! I’d have been comatose… LOL

  2. Funny isn’t it – my day was like that yesterday. I was a bit of wreck and eating was the last thing I wanted to do!

  3. I got the urge to try a new gym (close to home instead of work) so I grabbed a whole lot of 7 day trials. Got completely disillusioned after the first couple so will stay where I am. I’ve done it before on holiday though – scammed my way into a 7 day trial by pretending I was new in town! Shocking! Figure I’m just using what a heap of people are paying for but not using – there must be hundreds of people who are members but never go…

  4. I’ll be having a sneak peek at your shiny new gym on Saturday arvo, a mate is going to be working there as a PT and they are letting family and friends have a look before the grand opening.

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