Random stuff

  • In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been a bit meh about exercise lately.  Even when I’ve actually done it, my heart isn’t in it.  I’m just going through motions.  Well today I got an email saying my new gym is definitely opening on the 15th (they’d said that earlier but they had put back the opening date once already so I wasn’t convinced).  I’ve just been checking out the facilities and the class timetable.  There is so much going on, I’m going to be living there!
  • Other new and exciting exercise: I did a free hula hooping class last night.  At first I hated it and was so un-co but then I kinda sorta started getting it.  Didn’t go much on the teacher – she didn’t really explain anything and just focused on the people who were grasping it really quickly.  Plus the class was a bit overcrowded – not good for hooping.  Afterwards, my sis and I both thought we felt better.  Her back had been aching all day and the hooping helped.  I found a place that sells adult hoops for $30 so we’re buying one to practice at home!
  • Food, food, food.  Always an issue.  My new goal is to start taking my lunch to work.  I’ve never really done this consistently before.  Mostly I’ve worked in areas that have decent sushi places nearby.  A couple of sushi rolls is my favourite lunch and not too taxing on the $ or the calories.  But this office has nothing (one sushi place that’s a bit dodgy and currently closed for renovations).  I paid $8 for a couple of small meatballs on rice today — that’s such a rip.  Even a sandwich in the area is a minimum of $7.  I made a few bentos last week (will post photos over the weekend).  I love the bento box I bought in Japan – my only complaint is I can’t fit in enough vegies (but I can put them in a separate container).

4 responses to “Random stuff

  1. I am having the same exercise and diet struggle- so difficult after working so hard to lose weight to see it pile back on so effortlessly.

  2. Hey hon, I think we all go through periods where we’re just not motivated and the vicious cycle kicks in. It’s great that the new gym is finally opening up so I’m sure a new scene/environment will make all the difference. It’s like buying new clothes. It can make you feel all powerful again!

    YAY for hooping! You know my thoughts about it. Love it. Love it. Love it!! Sucks about the class but glad you guys got your own hoops so you can do your own tricky stuff at home.

    I have the same problem with food at the moment. This weekend? Cook up!


  3. You can save heaps, both in money and calories by taking your own lunch – good goal – hope it goes well.

  4. Hoola hooping sounds like great fun – and excellent for chiselling the waist too! Good plan about the lunch, and the rip-off food merchants will be good motivation

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