Today sucks

On the way to work, the earphones on my ipod stopped working.  That meant I had to spend all morning listening to my co-workers jibber-jabbering on about crap.  I hate not having something isolating me from the outside world!

At lunch time, I went to Coles on Bridge Rd to get earphones.  They only had kid’s ones — they don’t filter out outside noise.  I hate outside noise but beggars can’t be choosers and there is nowhere else around East Melbourne to buy earphones.  After I left the supermarket, there was a freaken gale blowing down Bridge Rd and it blew a huge chunk of rock into my eye.  Even though you couldn’t really see it, it was the size of a house brick I swear.

Got the tram back to work even though I was virtually blind (and had a scarf over my eyes).  Went to the bathroom and rinsed my eye.  And rinsed.  And dicked around.  After an hour, still no relief.  I talked to my boss and he sent me home (I was going to wait to see if it got better).  Got home and still no better.  After lots more rinsing and whinging and rinsing, finally is feeling okay. 

Now it is pouring rain and I have to go to Japanese class.  I could stay home but if I do, we will study some wacko verb form and I’ll never catch up. 

Tomorrow must be better, right?


4 responses to “Today sucks

  1. I think getting something in your eye is the worst, although that ache sounds horrid too!

  2. Hope today is bloody super compared to yesterday!

  3. Today will definitely be a much better day 😀

  4. *big hugs* It did sound like a very sucky day. I know the rest of your week is going to ace 😀

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