This week

OMG our internet has been insanely bad this week.  I hate you, Dodo.  Hopefully I can actually post this.

Still struggling with food.  I am just an eating machine.  I have no idea why.  My biggest issue is eating at night while watching telly.  I figure the best way to deal with this is to have better/healthy snack foods in the house so at least I’m not eating bags of clinkers.

On the plus side – I did some exercise this week.  On Wednesday I went into the gym and used the boxing room.  I’d forgotten that, more than anything in this world, I love to hit stuff. 

Thursday I got a really bad gut ache.  Worse than anything I’ve known before.  The pain was so intense then I got all nauseous and sweating and stuff.  I really thought I’d faint.   Luckily it went away but I didn’t want to risk pushing myself after that.

Friday I was far too lazy to exercise.   I seem to get end of the week burn out.  I’m fine up to about Wednesday then I can’t be arsed making a healthy lunch/exercising/ doing anything at all really.

Yesterday I got out for a run but, after about 1 km, my shin really, really hurt.  I thought it might just be that I need to warm up more and I should push through it.  After another 100 metres, I realised I really shouldn’t push through it!  I ended up walking the other 4 km.  Except it was really cold.  If I’d know I was going to walk instead of running, I’d have taken a jacket.

Today I’m going to do some weights.  I was going to go to the gym but figure I can do just as well at home (without paying or having to talk to other people).  While I’m waiting for my new gym to actually open it’s doors, I’ve been thinking about going to a few different gyms that have casual membership but really done nothing more than think about it (except for the boxing the other night).

My goals for this week are:

  • exercise every day, make at least 2 days those high intensity exercise (ie. not just walking to/from work)
  • drink water.  LOTS of water.
  • only one treat a day!

Argggghhh I’ve put on so much weight lately.  This insanity has to END.

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