I was going to post about all the ways in which I failed to meet my goals this week but hey, that shit’s for losers!  Instead I’m going to talk about all the ways in which I was a champion this week:

  • the other day when the chocolates in the work kitchen called my name, I decided to get a yummy, juicy, crispy apple instead.  It rocked.
  • I’ve done at least 30 minutes exercise 5 days this week.  One of the days I missed, I had a stomach bug.  I did 2 killer circuit workouts at the local playground — ha ha, I was doing my modified chin ups (feet on the ground) the other night and looked up to find a group of 4 little girls standing in front of me staring! 
  • I’ve drank buckets of water this week.
  • I ordered Coles online (it’s a PITA to get to the supermarket atm plus they carry the groceries up the stairs for me) then today I cooked up lots of food – a mince thing and some soup + chicken teriyaki so I can finally use my cute bento box I got in Japan and a potato thing.  I am all sorted for this week for food.
  • Tonight I was procrasting about going for a run but finally got in my gear.  Walked outside and it’d been raining (I hadn’t noticed) and was about to change my mind.  Instead I grabbed my rain jacket and headed off.

That’s pretty damn good.  I deserve a gold star and an elephant stamp I reckon. 

I was thinking this week about weight loss and shit, as you do.  I’ve been in the mindset that I should lose weight before I move to Japan.  You know, I reckon nothing ever works when you put a “should” in front of it.  It just makes the whole thing a big drag. 

Anyway, about from wanting to lose weight for the sake of losing weight or to look hot or to fit into my too small clothes, I realise one BIG thing I’d been overlooking.  More than anything, I want to set off on this big adventure full of energy and life.  At the moment, my energy levels have been damn near comatose.  That sucks.  If I’m going to experience all I can, I need to be full of beans.  And I need to start beaning up now.  Also I can’t wait to move and be somewhere else to start enjoying life and having adventures.  That needs to start now too. 

Just like you can’t put your life on hold until you lose weight, you can’t do that about moving either.  If I’m not the person I want to be overseas before I leave, I never will be.


9 responses to “Champion

  1. You are are a champion. You’ve done heaps this week! Well done!! 😀

  2. here’s a big gold star and an elephant stamp, and a big thanks for reminding me that it’s about what you DO not what you don’t do, and how ‘should’ is a TRAP!
    Have another great week 🙂

  3. 😆 Gold star and an elephant stamp!

    We must have had the same teacher at school 🙂

  4. amen to all that. I hear ya, woman!

  5. You are a champion woman with a gigantic gold friggin’ star and then some to boot! Yeah!

  6. Rockin it woman!

    Love the attitude. You are so right – choose have the positivity that you want to have don’t wait for it.

    Life has already started!

  7. Yep, here’s another gold star for you. 😀

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