Things that matter

Lately I’ve been a bit blah about life.  Things that used to interest me and fill up my time have lost their appeal, so far nothing has come along to take their place. 

Shauna posted recently about happiness and I totally agree with what she says – having small daily pleasures while working towards a big goal.

How do you’settle on a big goal though?  You can just pluck one out of thin air.  I need a big goal, hey you’ll do.  Before you even work on achieving and the small steps, you have to have that swell of passion, the quicken of the heart, that falling-in-love honeymoon period.   Any goal worth anything is going have a period of cumbersomeness, whether it’s running a marathon, writing a book, building a house — to get through the hard bits, you have to have the huge swell of wanting to do something from the outset. 

Nothing does that for me at the moment.  Days are just days.  I can run, go to the gym, all that stuff but it’s not leading anywhere.  I need a big goal, a purpose.  I’m sure one will come popping along eventually.  I just need to stick it out until then.


3 responses to “Things that matter

  1. Kirsty Daniel

    I have started an actual \’body building\’ program and i love it!!! It is just a little experiement that I have put my own body under, just to see how quickly my body responds to the program… it has given me another little goal to work towards and I am LOVING the results!!.. and the DOMS that go with it!

  2. You could pretend to have a goal. Once you’re in motion you’re more likely to realise what your real one is

  3. yeah sometimes its hard without a goal. I just achieved one lately and have been lacking a bit of motivation (and mojo) since

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