I’ve managed to get my exercise in the past 2 days.  Yesterday I got out for a run.  Today I went to the local which is handily next to a big hill.  I did a circuit of hill runs, modified chinups, squats and pushups.  Did that 5 times and was pretty much stuffed.  Got home and then we decided to go back to the park and have a kick of the Sherrin!

Food hasn’t been so good.  But OMG have you tried the Green and Black’s butterscotch chocolate?  It is the best thing ever.  I think being broke is not helping.  When I have no money, I seem to live on carbs.  They are cheap and filling.  I might scrap together some money and get some fruit and vege at the supermarket tomorrow though. 

This week will definitely be an improvement.  For starters, it isn’t going to be so rainy so I can get in some walking to and from work.


3 responses to “Progress

  1. Where do you get that chocolate from? I’m always game to try some new chocolate 🙂

  2. Butterscotch green and blacks? Nooooo. I am actually salivating thinking about it.

    I plan to wipe the knowledge of its existence from my brain. Ignorance is bliss!

    Oooh – circuits? Well done.

  3. Hill runs? Running up the hill? Yep, I got a while to go yet before I go UP the hill running LOL. Great to read you’re back out there and then some.

    And OMG! Are you serious about G&B’s new flavour? Not seen it yet. Drool.

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