After getting all revved up in my last post, I kinda fizzled out this week.  My goal was to do 30 minutes exercise every day but even that didn’t happen.  Lots of reasons/excuses but if I’d really wanted to do it, I’d have got around them.  This week I’m going to plan and make it happen.  I’m not going to let the cold weather and other things in life get in my way.  My other goal is record my food.  Even when I’m eating badly.  Got to start somewhere.


3 responses to “Fizzled

  1. Hang in there darl – you WILL do this 🙂

  2. It is so much harder in this cold weather!

  3. Ahh – the food logging. So tedious. It’s amazing how much of an effect it can have.

    Good lucky lady!

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