Top of the list of things that piss me off today is my washing machine.  I put on a load of washing because Wednesday the cafe downstairs is closed so it’s the only day we can get laundry done.  Then I had a nap because I’ve been feeling sick.  Woke up and the washing was still going.  I thought the machine might be going slow cos the cleaners were in downstairs (I mean literally as in cleaning the cafe, not as in some la-de-da phrase for having my period) and using the water.  So I reset the machine.  Then later I checked it and it was off.  Anyway, hours later, I decided the machine was being a dick so just put my stuff on the spin cycle.  How annoying.

I left work early today cos I feel like shit.  I think I can manage the next 2 days though then – yah… long weekend.  I totally forgot about that.

I need to stop eating so much sugary foods.  I’m a sugar monster at the moment and I think that could be contributing big time to feeling blah and lethargic. 

Also I need some exercise direction.  I was thinking today about getting a personal trainer but then I realised one of the first questions they’d ask is about my exercise/fitness goals and I really don’t have any at the moment.  I just have a general – I want to be fitter and lose weight – type goal but nothing specific.  No running event I want to not completely humiliate myself in, no shining prize to reach for.  I think that’s the motivation issue.  I need a goal.  Or maybe I just need to start doing something (other than walking home from work) and the goal will follow.


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