I’am feeling so rooted at the moment.  This working business sure takes it out of you.  And there’s still three days left this week!  Thank god it’s a long weekend.  I can’t wait to get paid next week though – lovely sweet money, I will invest you in thermal underwear.

I just thought I’d go over some of the highlights of my holiday so I can feel reassured about where my money is gone:

  • Getting to Shinjuku station and seeing it piss down with rain.  Full torrential rain (that in itself is enough to excite me – when’s the last time Melbourne got real rain?).  Huddling in the doorway of the subway station wondering how to get back to our hotel without getting saturated when an group of people come running along the street.  One of them, an old man in a festival yukata and barefeet, saw us and offered us his umbrella.  I wanted to get a photo of him but he disappeared to fast.
  • Crazy bar adventures with puppet shows and wacky costumes.
  • KAT-TUN concert at Tokyo Dome – getting way cheap tickets, going to the smoking room and seeing the weird nerd guy (we were sure he was only there because he was plotting some kind of revenge but maybe we’ve watched to many Japanese dramas), the spectacular that was beyond spectacular.  I’ve never seen a show like this in my life.  I don’t think they even do stuff like this in Australia!
  • Ramen, curry rice, all kinds of bread, pudding, Krunky…
  • Unique Japanese experiences like karaoke (it’s not the same anywhere else), smart ball, hosts and one or two that I’m not detailing here.
  • Sanja Matsuri.  The whole day was magic, finishing off with meeting random strangers who took us to the temple to pray, other random strangers who may have been yakuza and Irish people who went to karaoke with us.
  • Spider robots
  • Complaining that I’d not spoken Japanese much on the holiday and having my sister tell me all the times I had been speaking Japanese (I hadn’t even realised!!!!)
  • Finding my lost notebook with all maps and important information in it.
  • Getting a super cheap rate on a fantastic hotel room with heaps of space.  The staff even left a present in our room for Anita on her birthday!
  • Cakes
  • Sitting in a ramen place, listening to crazy conversations between the regulars and getting shouted free beer!

And the one thing I missed out on – Yoyogi Park on Sunday!  Oh noes!  We went last time but went to the wrong bit so was determined to go this time but the weather was awful, so gave it a miss.  I also found out after the fact that Tokyo Pride was on the Saturday, damn that would have been awesome.


3 responses to “Shagged…

  1. I bet you’re thinking, that was SO WORTH IT!

  2. Shagged. Rooted. I was so sure this post was going to be about sex LOL.

    It is good to write down what you loved about your holiday. It makes the pain of having no money that little bit less..

  3. OMG have you been to otsumami restaurant on high st in northcote? it is amazing!!

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