Yah! I’m awake at 4.30 am.  What joy!  I’m off to the airport in just over an hour and half.  So why am I up so early?  It’s not the holiday excitement, it’s because the staff at the cafe downstairs decided to have knock off drinks until just a short while ago.  I’ve had about 2 hours sleep and figure if I try sleeping now I’ll do that thing where you get into a really deep sleep just as the alarm goes off.

Hopefully I’ll sleep on the plane.


8 responses to “Awake

  1. Hope you get to sleep on the plane. There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and then flaking out for a couple of days because of sleep depravation!!

    Enjoy your holiday.

  2. Ouch – I hope you slept well on the plane. xox

  3. bon voyaaaaaaaaaaaage!

  4. Have an AMAZING time!!!

  5. Famous last words as you realise you are crammed in between a buffoon who drinks the whole way and you have to keep getting up so he can go to the toilet and someone with a crying baby! Good luck- have fun!

  6. have fun babe!!!

  7. Hope you’re having an awesome time – look forward to hearing all about it soon

  8. Hope you’re having a fabulous time!

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