Packing: I’ve unpacked a heap of stuff including one pair of jeans.  As well as reading Phil’s wise comment, I took to heart the words of another wise woman: “My advice is to pack your suitcase, find a nearby flight of stairs, carry your bags up and down those stairs like 18 times then repack.  Suddenly that second pair of jeans doesn’t seem to necessary!” Oh yeah, that was me after my holiday last year.

Must fight the urge to buy NEW holiday clothes.  I don’t need them.  I don’t.  But I do need a pair of black fishnets since I can’t find my old ones (and I think they are full of holes… real holes not just the net ones).  I have a strong urge to buy some funky boots but they won’t be worn in and comfortable before I leave anyway.

Diet stuff:  I’ve put on about 5 kgs since the start of the year.  Not good at all.  When I get back from hols, I’m going to get my shit together and get organised.  Not much I can do before I go away, how much weight can you lose in 2 days anyway?

I went to a thing in the city at the adidas shop last night – a Women’s Health thing/event/whatever.  They had that chick from the Biggest Loser talking.  She was quite interesting.  They asked her about weight loss (of course) and she said, unlike most people, she doesn’t believe that it makes any difference whether you lose weight slowly or quickly – there is no correlation between slow weight loss and maintaining a loss.  Of course, she’d have to enforce that way of thinking, since the BL doesn’t exactly advocate slow weight loss but it’s an interesting point of view.  She said that you get a lot more motivation from faster weight loss because you are getting compliments and feedback all the time.

Then she said something that really resonated with me – losing weight is about science (calories in/calories out) but keeping weight off is about pyschology.  Interesting, huh…  I think that was the main thing I took away from it.  Okay, I lie.  The main thing was the big bag of goodies (I’ll go anywhere if they promise me a goodies bag).

Beauty, beauty:  I have eyelash extensions.  Woohoo!  Must get a photo of the stunning new lashes.  It’s a weird thing since I naturally have about 3 teeny little lashes on each eye.  Also getting hair colouring today.


6 responses to “Stuff

  1. Oh you are so right – maintaining is all about the mind, especially when the virtuous glow of all those good habits fades to tiresome routine.
    Have a sensational time!

  2. 2 more sleeps!!

    Hope you have a fantastic time. We want photos!

  3. Man that resonates with me too! I’ve been on no carbs since Monday and i’ve lost 1.5kg already – carbs are the fucken enemy I tells ya!
    Have a blast, wish I was coming. Keep us updated and hope to catch up when you get home!

  4. I think that weight loss, during the loss phase and the maintain phase is all about the mental strength of wanting to do it, resisting temptation, and getting out and exercising.

  5. eyelash extensions! ooh i gotta see that.
    excellent packing tips… jeans are the best, they hide a multitude of sins and spillages!

    have to agree on the maintenance thingy… it’s all in the mind. just wish my mind was less defective!

    and fast or slow, weight loss sucks no matter what.

  6. have fun OS, be good!

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