So, I’m going to Tokyo on Saturday … just in case I hadn’t mentioned it before.  Today I tried packing.  Now a couple of months ago I did a practice pack to ensure I’d be fine with just cabin baggage and I had heaps of room in my bags.  Today I tried again and my bag is crammed full.  I think a few things have to go.

I’ve packed my fabulous black cardi with fake fur trim (I don’t think I have a photo of it) but its very bulky and it’ll be late spring so maybe that has to be ditched.  I also packed two pairs of jeans – one standard denim and one grey pinstriped 3/4 length denim.  Is that too much for 11 days?  Esp considering I rarely wear jeans and am more likely to be in skirts.

Oh and I have three dress, but I think I need all them.  Maybe…

I can pack my stuff so it fits in heaps better but I think I might run up and down the stairs at home a few times with my bag and see just how much I love my clothes.


On top of that, I’m having last minute panic about things I need.

3 responses to “Spazzy…

  1. An idea given to me recently, which I’m going to do on my next holiday is, make a list at the end of the holiday of what you actually wore/used. Then use this list to help you pack for the next holiday!

    Not that that particularly helps you now 😛 Maybe think back to when you were last in Japan – what did you wear the most? If you hardly wear jeans, I’d just take the one pair. You can always wash clothes while you’re there too, if you have your own bathroom.

    Good luck with the packing. Remember to leave room for manga and Krunky 🙂

  2. Japan’s going to be getting warm now, depending on where you’re going (I remember Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima being particularly warm). We went at this time two years ago. I only took one pair of jeans, three skirts, a couple t-shirts, shirts and dresses, 1 light jacket and two pairs of shoes and several pairs of bright opaque tights. I had to have room in my bag for all the awesomeness I brought back!

    You’re going in two days, wooo! So exciting!

  3. Could you wear the Cardi onto the plane and then take it off? I did that with my boots. They are very heavy but I needed them to wear in the UK, so in 30 degree heat I wore them onto the plane.

    Had to take them off as soon as I got on the plane as my feet were roasting!

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