Stressy stuff

I wanted to go running tonight before I went to Japanese class but I’m feeling all tense and yuck and shaky.  I’m not sure if a run is the best thing.  It might help but I’m a bit worried about the shaky part of it.  I feel like some kind of weird science experiment on sleep deprivation or something.  Instead of resting over the weekend, I spent most of my time fitting into other people’s plans and doing things I didn’t want to do. 

I’m getting really sick of my life.  I have so much going on that by Thrusday I’m just burnt out every week.  Then I spend the weekend resting to get the energy to do it all again.  That’s no way to live.  Still less than a week and I’m off on hols.  When I get back, I’m only doing Japanese classes once a week – at the moment I’m doing 1 hour classes twice a week which wouldn’t be so bad except they are 8-9 and that means I’m always late to bed after I travel home and get my shit together.  Next term I’m doing 1 class for 2 hours 7-9.  That will be much better.  So much else going on too but I don’t really want to talk about it cos it’s just whinging cos I’m tired and run down.

I think I might axe the run but walk into the city to my class.  At least I’ll get some exercise.

I just want to get back to being the person I was – happy and healthy and full of beans.


Edit:  I did end up walking into class and about halfway I felt a huge weight lift off me (unfortunately only figuratively!).  I really think I need to be in motion to relax.  Now if I get a good night’s sleep, I’ll be even finer.


5 responses to “Stressy stuff

  1. It’s so easy to get burned out, especially this time of year when it’s getting cold and dark. Take care darl

  2. I know the feeling Kathryn – I spent most of last year feeling like that, and just wanting that happy, healthy, full of life girl that I used to be back! There’s not a lot I can suggest apart from ride out the things that you can’t change or do much about, and change the things that you can! Keep planning things to look forward to as well.

    It sounds like your holiday is coming at exactly the right time. Take care of yourself! x

  3. I hope you get some rest on your holiday and that you don’t spend the whole time chasing Japanese Idol stars and Pop singers!

  4. I read your post in Bloglines, which didn’t show the edit. When I clicked the blog and saw the edit, it appears that what I was about to write, which was “Get some gentle exercise and you’ll probably find that you’ll sleep a lot better, and rinse and repeat” has already started happening!

  5. I love it when all the stresses seem to lift after doing some exercise.

    Since I’ve stopped working I’ve been writing down my plans for the week ahead. It’s helped me actually keep track of things that need doing and I am realising that my time is being used much more efficiently.

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