Stuff in My Life ATM (in point form)

  • I got Yen today. The $AUD is strong and I don’t know how long it will stay that way.  Seriously I was stressing it would drop big time during my tram trip into the city to get the yen!  I’ve never worried about that stuff before when I’ve travelled but after last year, with the $AUD dropping from around 100 yen when I booked my holiday to 55 yen before I left – now I worry!
  • The other night my son contact me – can I help him run… lolz.  He’s got a bet going with his friend – the first one to complete a marathon wins $250.  After I finished laughing, I said I’d train him.  Ha, he will know pain.  I did tell him it’d take at least 12 months and we’d start by getting him to 5 km.
  • My mum is staying for the weekend.  Tomorrow we are going for a family bbq and Sunday we are going out for mother’s day lunch (and to watch the footy at the pub).
  • Finished up my contract today, starting a new one (at the same place) for 1-3 days next week.  I figure next week’s work is bonus cash since I wasn’t figuring on working so I bought myself something nice today – one of the little Benefit Concealer kits.  Before I bought it, the girl did my face with their foundation primer then some concealer and a dust of powder.  It looked awesome.  I was way impressed cos I’ve been a sucker for free department store makeovers lately but mostly the makeup looks worse on me than when I do it myself.  The primer esp is great – it’s got brightening stuff in it.
  • I also got something not so much nice as necessary – industrial underwear.  Specially the Nancy Ganz camisole.  It’s medium strength control (I think I could do more with Xtreme Control but what can you do?)

3 responses to “Stuff in My Life ATM (in point form)

  1. My son is getting into running too … good isn’t it !

  2. Hope you had a great Mother’s day darl! – that foundation sounds great. Looking forward to your coaching tales

  3. Now you have me worrying about the price of yen in March! I love Nancy Ganz and her wonder pants……

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