Internets are awesome!!!

Finally our internet is connected.  I can update more regularly – just in case you’ve been sitting around thinking ‘gee I wonder what crap Kathryn is whinging about at the moment’.  So, just to recap, here’s the good and bad of my life around about now.


  • I am working at my current contract until the end of the week and then I have a couple of days work next week (same place, different department, less money though).  That is rocks because it means mo money to take away when I go to Japan NEXT WEEK!
  • I pooed today.  That might not seem that exciting to some but, when you haven’t pooed for a while, you welcome that brown baby like the prodigal son.
  • I am getting over my cold/swine flu.
  • I have internets!


  • my weight.  The scales are not my friends.  I think they might be in need of prozac actually.  I got on this morning and it wasn’t pretty so I took off my thick flannie pjs and I went up .5 kgs!  Scales are crap.
  • my clothes.  All of them.  Everything I own is crap.  I went to my storage space on the weekend thinking I might have hidden treasures in there but then remembered I put half my clothes in storage because they are crap.  I can’t even buy new clothes cos everything in the shops are crap.  Tonight I went to Bridge Rd for a look – man the shops shut early though.  The last time I went to Bridge Rd was with Phil which must have been a good four years ago. 

7 responses to “Internets are awesome!!!

  1. I am so glad you have Internet again. I’ve been missing my daily dose of Kathryn (whinges or no whinges).
    Japan’s not far away now .. how exciting!

  2. Japan?! Next week?! Where did the time go?

    I too have missed the regular doses of Kathryn. I can’t wait to hear more Japan travel adventures!! xx

    LOL at your “prodigal son”.

  3. The prodigal son!!!! You must never leave us again with such brilliance 🙂

  4. Hahaha! Love “the prodigal son” comment.

    Woo, Japan again!! I can’t believe it’s almost two years since I went. Can’t wait to hear what you get up to this time :).

  5. Maybe they are anti-gravity pajamas ?

  6. Woohoo so glad you have the internet back! Now on the crap clothes – FGS do not pay to store them THROW THEM OUT or donate them or something.

  7. Have you tried Ebay? Lots to choose from at cheap prices 😀

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