I’ve mentioned before about my freaky weight gainage which I’m pretty certain can’t all be blamed on me going on a peanut butter bender.  I’m jumping around the weight like a crazy woman! 

So yesterday I stumbled on an article all about stress and weight gain – and that lovely cortisol that mucks up our bodies when we get stressed.  I’ve surely been stressed for the past weeks – so much happening… crazy landlords then moving and having to adjust to all the cafe noise and wacky hours, my nan being sick, andrew not having anywhere to live, job uncertainty… the list goes on and on.  If I did one of those stress tests with the points system, I’d cane it.

So the plan is to get stuck into some major exercise over the next few weeks before going on hols and not letting the stress become a reason to overeat.  Also: drink more water.


4 responses to “Stress

  1. Stress is evil… and certainly can cause major eating binges! Hope your stress levels settle down soon!

  2. good plan!
    I’m so glad you’re out of psycho-ville

  3. Stress and lack of sleep have both been my downfall. I note all my food and exercise and it can be the only difference between a loss-week and a non-loss week – even if the calories and exercise were just the same.

    Hope the stress lifts and lets you be.

  4. No doubt that stress can do that to you. Destressing with exercise sounds like an excellent plan!

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