Still no internet at home. Might be on this week or so. 

Spent today taking my son househunting.  I hope something comes up cos their house is being demolished and they have to be out on the 27th.  I told him he should have started looking much earlier.   We looked at one place – brand spanking new and very shiny.  There was no one else looking at it!  It was a fair bit more expensive than the other places they looked at but still you’d think there’d be some others.  Hopefully they’ll get that one… well actually I wanted it for myself.

Other than that, my job is so iffy at the moment.  I have work but not that much.  I’m just hoping to get in as many hours as possible before I go away.  It’s hard because I’m not the sort of person who can draw out things, I get bored far too easily.

Anyway I’m thinking of having a nanna nap before the footy starts tonight.  Go Crows!


3 responses to “Tired

  1. Sorry about the Crows – can’t win them all!

  2. not long to go now & you can forget all about Melb and stupid accommodation for a while

  3. Hope you get your internet back soon and that your son finds good place to move to.

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