Still here

Still here, still no internet access at home.  Why does it take so long? 

Things are kind of weird at the moment but I’ve been trying to keep it all together.  Still running, still going to the gym.  Hopefully there will be some kind of normality soon.


3 responses to “Still here

  1. It can be hard to settle in to a new place and a new area – and after everything you were put through at the old place, your mind and body are probably having a bit of a delayed reaction to all that because you had to really keep your cool at the time! I’m expecting the same to happen to me – I’m moving next week, and my current flat has been a nightmare from day 1, and I had to stay a whole year! Ugh.

    Keep up the gym and the running – that’s definitely what keeps me sane. Hope you get some “normality” soon! xx

  2. Hope that normality returns quickly – I’m sure that the running and gym will contribute to that – even if it’s only as a positive influence to your mental state.

  3. why *does* it take so long?! I feel your pain
    hang in there 🙂

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