Arrgghhh it’s so frustrating not having the internets.  I can check email, blogs etc from work but it’s not the same as having access any time you want.  Anyways, I’ve discovered that I can get a coffee across the road from home and use the internet (we can actually use their internet from our house but it’s as dodgy as).

Weird week of things going on and not sure what’s happening with work and everything else.  I should be feeling esctatic about moving away from my awful housemates but instead I’ve been really just blerk… lost and unsettled.  Living above a cafe is a strange thing.  Like before we could leave the cafe and go home but now we never can.  Other things going on too but I don’t want to say too much here.

OMG, mega-disaster – I realised I’d put the wrong account number on my tax return last year and ended up having my tax cheque mailed to me.  That wouldn’t be a problem except now it means my Rudd bucks will be going to my OLD address.  Argggghhhhh!!!!  Went around on Friday to check the mail but nothing.  Our mail redirection doesn’t start until Friday (my sister can’t manage mega-difficult tasks like doing a mail redirection unless I go with her, it seems).   I have no idea what to do and I don’t want to ring the ATO because I reckon they’ll be flooded with calls.

Lots of other worries on my mind too – some things you don’t want to talk about online… but, the good news, after having a major weight spike after moving (sometimes it’s legitimate to use the “I’m in the middle of moving, I can’t cook, must get fish n’ chips…” excuse but you can draw it out a bit too long) I’m now down a little bit.  I’ve been  yo-yoing between the same half kilo point for weeks and now I’m 0.3 kilos under the lowest yo-yo point.  I think I can thank my period for that 😀

OK, just read the ATO page – can’t ring until after the 16th about the Rudd bucks.  Hopefully I’ll have intercepted the cheque by then!

2 responses to “Things

  1. Probably just still getting used to being in a different place … hopefully it’ll settle down and feel like home soon!

  2. I’m the same, feeling very unsettled to be in a new house but i’m still using the “fish and chips” excuse! bah
    Need to stop.
    D-day is when I get home after Easter.

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