Ran for the Kids!

This is the fourth year I’ve done Run for the Kids.  The first year I could barely run but made it the distance. 

For the past couple of years, I’ve made slow but steady gains.  This year I ran my slowest time in the past three years.  I wanted to make in 90 minutes or less.  That was my original goal anyways. 

This week, with moving etc my legs have been pretty much seizing up and I’ve had knots the size of tennis balls in both calves.  I got to the start line feeling achey and tired.  Started slowly and kept going slowly.  A few times during the run I had to walk – I find doing really long walking strides stretches everything out.  I ended up going just over 100 minutes.  Not a good time at all but what can you do?

Other than that though, it was a top day.  Got to catch up with lots of people AJH and assorted ausrunners before the race.  Em, Sarah, Jaykay, Michelle, Sassy and Shell afterwards. 

I thought the organisation of the run was so much impro ved over other years.  I never had to queue at all (obviously I never used the portaloos!) – checking and collecting bag was a dream.  But best of all, getting a bunch of grapes post- run was just perfect.


6 responses to “Ran for the Kids!

  1. Nice to see you this morning Kathryn! Well done on the run, great effort as you were not feeling so good to start with.

    I saw everyone with grapes, but couldn’t work out where you got them from!

  2. I would happily take a bunch of grapes over a bag of crappy flyers and a small packet of lollies every day. Loved the grapes!

  3. You didn’t go to a 100yen sushi place when you went to Japan? Those places are awesome. Yeah, there’s a belt (imagine a baggage claim belt int he airport, but much smaller) with plates of sushi on. You grab and eat, then at the end get a waitress to come over a tally the number of plates. Some places are more expensive depending on what colour plate you grab, but the chains like Sushiro (the one I went to today) are all 105 yen unless otherwise stated. (pic here, if you want to see what it’s like: http://raku-raku-no1.cocolog-nifty.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/11/16/p1010113.jpg). You can make special orders through wither an intercom or a touch screen depending on what place you’re in.

  4. I’m still mighty impressed. Well done you!

    I still can’t run for more than 30 seconds. To get that time in the midst of all the stress of moving is blimmin awesome.

  5. It was lovely to catch up with you Kathryn. Hope all the unpacking has gone well!

  6. You rock Kathryn! 🙂

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