More blerks

I’ve been having a shithouse week and I think a lot of it comes back to lack of sleep. It makes me cranky and emotional.  On top of that, more landlord issues.  OMG they are insane.  We have yet another family member taken over collecting rent and seem to be having the same conversation over and over.  Just when we think things are resolved, she goes back to square 1.  I really think they want us to move out but, instead of just telling us to move out like normal people (I think if you give enough notice you can do that), they want to drive us out.  Just a few weeks until we move so hopefully that will take care of that.

On a more awesome note, I’ve discovered the most delish bars of orange chocolate at the local health food shop.  It’s dark organic chocolate and only 200 calories a bar.  Magic.  I bought some last night and had it on my way to go-go class.  This morning I woke up early and realised I had nothing in the house for breakfast.  I had cereal but nothing to eat with it.  Was thinking of popping to the bakery for some fruit toast but decided to get to work early instead.  I have some breakfast bars at work.

Anyway got to the carpark at work, so hungry I didn’t think I could make it inside.  Luckily I found the leftover half a bar of chocolate in my bag (go me, having leftover chocolate is indeed a miracle).  So chocolate for breakie.. the breakfast of champions!

And I have Friday off work – yahs!  I was annoyed when they first told me not to come in Friday on account of wanting money but now I’m happy about it.  I might go shopping for running shoes.  I can’t get them online/mail order cos I have no idea what I want.  I just need something that doesn’t start squishing my toes after I run for 40 mins (that seems to be the point where my feet start swelling).  Or maybe I just need to run much faster so it doesn’t take me more than 40 mins 😀


4 responses to “More blerks

  1. Even though most of it is blerk, you really do start to look at the positive side by the end of the post. Go you for having left over chocolate… I still haven’t mastered that!

    Have a great day and enjoy your shoe shopping expidition tomorrow..

  2. Do you ever see a podiatrist? Mine looked at my feet and my shoes and told me the ones I should be wearing – immediate improvement in comfort!
    Oooh that chocolate sounds goood. I’d be able to leave some but I’d have to hide it from J

  3. With the way the exchange rate is now, ordering from those US internet stores isn’t as attractive anyway.

  4. Oooh what was the chocolate bar called?

    “leftover chocolate”
    this phrase makes no sense to me ??

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