More about today…

Got halfway through my post this morning then got distracted.

Anyway, I feel a bit blerk this weekend.  Not sure why.  I’m thinking maybe because I was drinking on Friday night and Saturday night.  I haven’t been drinking that much lately and, even though it was just a few glasses each time, it really zaps my energy.

I went for a run yesterday.  I couldn’t decide whether to do a long run or leave that for today.  Got about 2-3 kms into it and realised a long run was totally out of the question.  I hadn’t drank much water before I started and it was HOT.  So dehydrated and feeling flat.  Ended up doing just over 8 kms and very slow.  Then today I had no motivation to run.  No motivation to do anything.  Now I’m feeling bad because Run for the Kids is in 2 weeks and I’ve not done more than 8 kms in the last 2 weekends (did 14 km two weeks ago).  Oh well, maybe I’ll fit a longer run in this week.

Also my weight’s not moving.  I’ve been hovering around the same mark for weeks.  Arrggghh!  And instead of getting all organised and ready for the week ahead with cooking etc, I just slacked off.  I guess I just have to be extra organised during the week.  I’ve been too tempted by cafe treats around 3 o’clock at work so need to find something I can take to work to combat that.  I just don’t feel like fruit so something a bit more substantial.

I guess I’ve just got to get out of the mindset that if I don’t get organised on the weekend, I won’t get organised all week.  I only work 8 hours a day, that leaves plenty of time in the day for cooking, exercising, getting my shit together.  I just need to pull my finger out and do it!

ps. I have had a good weekend, lots of socialising and fun.  Just no motivation to eat well or exercise!


3 responses to “More about today…

  1. *hugs* You are always so motivating and inspiring, I am sure your motivation will come back and you will lose your blerk feeling. I think I will be putting my wine bottles away too – they just zap any willpower to do anything good for myself..

  2. It’s a blerky time of year and it’s been a blerky summer. I think we’re living parallel lives – I slacked off on Saturday & now will be playing catch-up all week, sigh. Still, we can but try!

  3. I feel your pain. I felt blerky today too. (great word) Was up at my WW weigh-in, which put me in a bad mood. Still I went to the gym, but it didn’t give me any pleasure, I just felt like I was cracking a whip over my own head. Blerk.

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