• Yesterday I went to the Loreal Powder Room at the Fashion Festival.  They were supposedly doing makeovers but they just bunged on some lippy (you could choose between lips, hair, skin or nails but the girl in front of us in the line said the hair and skin options were just them telling you what to use).  Still we got a bag of goodies so it was worth it.
  • I really, really need to get out for a run today.  I’m so procrastinating.  I’m supposed to tape my knee because my physio told me to but I don’t want to.  Also I can’t find the scissors to cut the tape.
  • I’m thinking about buying running shoes.  I really need to get new ones this weekend if I want to wear them for Run for the Kids but the thought of all the weekend shoppers on Smith St is putting me off.
  • There are so many things I want to buy at the moment and I need to save money.  I tried on the most awesome red coat in Target – kind of ’60s style.  First I tried on a size 16 and it went nowhere near fitting me.  I was so very depressed.  I was like OMG I can’t even fit into a size 16.  Just as I was about to drop into a temper tantrum to shame a 2 year old, I remembered how slack they are in Target so I checked the size on the coat (the hanger said 16) and it was really a size 10.  Then I was like – whoa, this size 10 almost totally fits me… yah!
  • I also found the most awesome ’20s style hat.  I want it so much.  It’s red.  I have a real problem with hats.  If I try them on, I always want them because hats always look good on me.  I don’t need another one, but then it is red.
  • I also tried on a cardigan/coat (it’s knitted but lined) at a local shop.  They had one in the window a few weeks ago but it was the wrong size so they got one in for me.  Anyway it’s still too small but very lovely and I almost talked myself into buying it but am resisting.  It is too small.
  • I woke up this morning thinking I’d got way drunk last night and couldn’t remember where I’d left my car; then I realised I’d only had 2 drinks and I’d caught the tram home!!!  I’d been dreaming that I got drunk!

This week has been okay, food and diet wise.  I had commitments (hairdressers, physio) that cut into my exercise time.  I could have gone out for a run or something after the hairdressers but in reality, I’m not going to get my shiny new hair all sweaty then have to wash it and have half the colour come out! 

Eating has been mostly good.  Could have been better but could have been much worse. 

This week I want to get into more weights.  I have been reading this article on Stumptious and want to try it but it does involve some thinking and planning  because it’s all stuff like “pull up variation” so I need to figure out what to do for that (cos god knows I can’t do a real pullup). 

I also want to start doing some more stretching and pilates.  I have a dvd of 10 min pilates workouts which I *should* be able to fit into my day, you’d think.  But putting a dvd in the laptop is soooo much effort. 

Anyway, must run (literally).


2 responses to “Random

  1. You and me both have a real problem with red. I find that red solves almost anything LOL.. And Target – Grrrr – I recently went shopping there with some vouchers my Dad sent (thanks Dad) and bought a short red trench type coat.. Love it.. But the amount of times I had to double check that the clothing size matched the hanger size only to find it incorrect just drove me batty…

    Hope you have a great weekend and perhaps you can run through all those shoppers in Smith St and bowl them out of the way 😉

  2. Target has some nice stuff. Totally get your shopping psyche. Same as mine!

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