Gym Junkie!

I am starting to think I’m a gym junkie – not because I spend hours knocking myself out at the gym but because I can’t resist joining them!

A while back I cancelled my membership with my gym because I never went.  I intended to exercise on my own with occasional visits to the $4 gym up the road.  That made sense.

So, last night, I was in the city, waiting for my tram and thought I’d just pop into check out the new Virgin Active.  Not intention of joining, just to have a look.  They gave me free coffee.  They showed me a computer simulation of the club.  They told me all about the features.  I didn’t sway.

She showed me the bikes.  Not ordinary old blah exercise bikes but ones with a “game” on the attached monitor.  You have to steer and change gears and all.  Just like riding a real bike without the danger of being mashed by a truck!

Still I held strong.

Then she showed me the cardio machines.  With monitors.  And you can dock your ipod… and watch your freaken music videos from your ipod on the monitor, while you work out.  Since the only thing stopping me watching music videos when I run is the danger of DEATH, it’s perfect.  OMG.  So perfect.

They have other stuff too indoor rock climbing wall and a pool and SLEEPING PODS … but OMFG… watching my ipod sold me!

I just have to wait until May for them to open.


On the topic of ipods, I have a bit of a rant.  Freaken people are always saying you shouldn’t run while listening to your ipod because of the danger risk.  Like someone can come up from behind and clock you over the head without you noticing because you can’t hear them.

That sounds like good advice on the surface, but think about it.  I’m out for my run.  There are girl walking home from the train/tram stops all around the place.  Girls in tottery heels.  Girls who are tipsy.  Girls who listening to their ipods in their drunken, high-heel wearing states.  I don’t think Mr Attack is going to target super-fast (relatively fast…)  running me over them.

While it’s important to protect yourself and to be alert to danger, it shits me.  It just reinforces the idea that women are weak and vulnerable.  Don’t leave your house.  Don’t go out at night.  Don’t do anything… excuse me while I break into a few verses of  “Just a Girl” by No Doubt.

Also, why is it only women that are warned?  It’d be interesting to see the stats on non-domestic violence – I bet there are just as many guys attacked by random strangers as women, esp if you include drunken brawls etc.  I bet there are lots, lots, lots more women attacked by guys they know than are ever attacked when out running. 

There are freaks out there but it’s better to do the things you enjoy rather than sitting at home quaking with fear.  Personally, I encounter far more freaks and psychos on the tram than I ever have out running anyway.


11 responses to “Gym Junkie!

  1. I’m with you – it shits me too. I walk or run whenever I damn well please. I don’t care if it’s dark – like you, I figure I can outrun most wannabe attackers. And who wants to run without music? Pfft.

    It’s MY neighbourhood, nobody’s going to stop me from doing what I like. I’m no scaredy sissy-girl.

    The only time I was ever in any danger from a gun-wielding screaming psychopath, I was at work in my nice, safe, suburban middle-class job. See? It’s far safer on the streets.

  2. And the gym sounds AWESOME.

  3. I’ve been attacked so I guess I’m one of those girls and would prefer not to put myself in a situation. But yeah, I still go jogging with my iPod in the dark – I figure I box now and still hold some anger from being attacked so they better watch out if they try again. My area had a rapist going around for a while too who was going for girls exercising. You just never know but I agree, fear shouldn’t stop you either.

    Will have to check out Virgin Active. I’ve been contemplating joining a gym for real now but I don’t know which one. I guess I have to actually go in and check them out.

  4. it’s not as though you’re totally oblivious when you’re running with music either – I keep the volume medium most of the time and pay attention to what’s happening around me. Hear hear Kathryn!

  5. Firstly: Gotta love Gwen Stefani

    Secondly: Mental note, don’t wear iPod’s around your violent husband

    Thirdly: So, if you’re deaf you’re pretty much fucked and should never go out of your house in case you’re attacked??

  6. oh and fourthly (WTF, there is no fourthly!!):

    Sleeping pods?? Who the hell pays a gym member ship to go there and sleep??

  7. And no one even stops to think “what about deaf people?”, I am sure the poor buggers have been running around for years quite happily without killing themselves, in fact a deaf girl won the Aust 10,000 metre track title in 2008.

    Mmmmm, sleeping pods, wish they had them at my work 🙂

  8. That gym sounds AWESOME. I am pretty sure they have one of those here. May have to check that out. Especially since I don’t even have an ipod docking station at home yet!!

  9. I first read this post a few hours ago, and your visit to the uber-gym still has me giggling out loud when I think about it! 🙂

  10. Virgin are really giving us a run for our money. Plus no lock in plans! What a deal.

    There’s one just opened up the road from me in Sydney (Frenchs Forest Margaret)

  11. LOL! love the ipod docking device!

    I recon no mugger in his right mind would mug me all sweaty, red faced, flailing arms & legs when I run with my Pod! He’d prolly run away in fright!

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